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You might be facing a number of issues while you are doing Omegle Mobile. Some of the problems can be easily solved. The solution to such problems is given here. Read it to know the details.

While you are doing Omegle Mobile chat with any of your friends or relatives, but experiencing some kind of issues related to lagging, and bad quality of videos and audios, there can be a lot of causes leading to the problem is, and a few of them can easily be solved by following a few steps and methods mentioned here. The steps are quite easy, and you do not need any kind of technical knowledge for the solutions.

The problems faced and their causes

Sometimes, you might be doing a mobile chat, and doing some other activities omegle like downloading, streaming, and other tasks, which rely on the same connection. In such a situation, your bandwidth get divided among the services, which might be the reason behind getting the reduced speed, which leads to bad quality audio, video and low frame rate issues.

Configuring Quality of Service

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, one of the easiest tasks to get rid of the problem without affecting the other services is by configuring Quality of Service or QoS from your router. It will help your router to automatically configure the bandwidth for various services, according to the requirements. Configuring QoS is about a specific, and you might need to read the documentation manual for details.

Stopping other services

If you are relying on mobile data connectivity or a single PC connection, the best option available on your side to get the maximum speed is to stop the other services for some time, when you are indulged in the omegle mobile session. It is the best solution for those who do not know how to configure QoS for other similar services.

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