Facebuzz. Com is a random video chat network with an option where users can rate each other. This is one of the best platforms where people get to omegle interesting strangers. You can easily search for someone and put him or her on your contact list and then get in touch with him or her easily.

Why Facebuzz is one of the best Chat roulette sites


Face Buzz is known to be one of the best Omegle sites, which are really going strong. This site has also come up with a smart plan where other site owners can embed their chat software in their websites and still access the same database of the users. This allowed Face Buzz to have a large number of visitors and available users as well who could connect to each other very easily. Facebuzz.com is ranked #184, 371 among the most popular web sites. Facebuzz.com is registered in 2004-04-16 owned by Direct Privacy and the number of footfall in this website is somewhere around 2,400 on a daily basis. Each individual is known to visit 12 unique pages per day and it has an approximate of 31 pages indexed in major search engines like Google. There are around 602 links that also connect to Face Buzz.


What is Facebuzz.com?

Face Buzz is a free chat site that helps you to connect with strangers via the webcam. It uses a Omegla platform with videos, voice, and various text features. The site is very friendly with a simple user-friendly interface with the chat platform located on the home page giving an idea of how many people are online at the moment and it also allows connecting with chats via Face Book. You can chat and use all features and services without signing up on Face Buzz. In order to start chatting on Shagle you just need to press the start button and allow the site to access to your webcam. You would be connected to a random user whom you can chat with freely using a microphone and a web camera. You need to choose people who are connected to their webcam and avoid users who are using foul language ad also displaying pornographic stuff, obscene material and nudity. Face buzz allows you to chat in a variety of languages


The different features of Facebuzz


The different features of face Buzz are available to all the users. You can decide to choose on this services as a guest or as a connect to face Book. These are the following features.

  • Connect with hundreds of people on a random basis
  • Chat with the help of web cam using either sound or text
  • Connect to a service via Face book
  • You can easily move to the next person by clicking on to buzz if you feel that the current person is not as per your liking
  • Only meet users displaying webcams
  • Try and avoid users who are displaying nudity or advertisements
  • Choose from a number of different languages.

The advantages of Facebuzz

Facebuzz is one of the greatest platforms for a free fun free chatting option that can be used by everyone. The option to display or not to showcase nude cameras helps you to choose what kind of services you want to avail. It is really easy to get started and you would not have to register yourself or no sign up is required if you want to start chatting. The connection speeds are lighting fast and ensures that you can chat with a wide variety of people at the same time.

The disadvantages of Facebuzz

Face Buzz is one of the best sites, which do not have any kind of significant disadvantages. A better design and a better background would make the site more welcoming with a number of more users. There are around 500 and 1,000 users online at any given time but in all, this site is a platform for all that is worth visiting. With this chat roulette alternative you can meet strangers in real time. Meet strangers from all across the world like USA speed dating, Canada speed dating, UK, Germany video chat,

Where all is Face Buzz operated

Face Buzz is mainly operated in countries like Australia matchmaking, New Zealand video chat, France, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Finland, Norway, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, China, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines and many others countries. In order to connect to strangers in Face Buzz, connect to your webcam and press the start button. You would be directed to a stranger and you can start chatting to the stranger. You can press the skip button if you want to skip the person you are chatting to.

The Face buzz safety report

Face Buzz includes a variety of third parties, including Google and Web of Trust to determine the safety of information. It also uses the WOT which is a browser plug in that allows users all across the world to rate different domains for their safety browser. This website is child safe and there are no malware exploits in this browser as well. Google also uses a proprietary method to determine the safety of this website. Face Buzz is known to be one of the safest websites that are protected and regularly monitored so that there is n kind of pornographic behavior or obscene language. Face Buzz also attempts to provide its users with physical and geographical information on the server. They can extract the host IP address, the host country location as well as his latitude and longitude as well as the city, postal code ad server. This report can be really useful to determine issues of speed and trustworthiness and can also help to block regions in case your site is being accessed nastily.


In all Facebuzz is a site that everyone would love to visit and to chat in. You can meet a number of strangers in the site and also store their names in the contact list for future reference.

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